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empower your spirit to activate your life

The High Priestess

there comes a time when we are ready to face ourselves and embody the change we crave. come to me when you are ready to see.

Tropical Leaves


Georgia born 

florida raised

aries sun

cancer moon

libra rising

if there is any mark i long to leave on this world, it is to remind you that you were born to love yourself first so that you can effectively love another. my connection to source is able to channel the truths you're ready to hear. cheers To the challenge of life.


"You know too much. you are 100% accurate on everything." a.- slc

"just wanted to say that i took your advice, i reconnected with that friend and we are back on good terms and that awful girl at work got fired today! thank you so much!!!" k.- nyc

"you told me not to tell the lawyers about my pregancy during my divorce and i am so happy i listened because there ended up being some crazy state law that would have delayed things for way too long" s.- baltimore 

" you basically just said what the doctors said in layman's terms. thank you!" j.- denver

"It's a damn boy. You called it per the usual." y.- Florida

"so i'm just going to cut to the chase... my life is broken. it has been for a while. i was seeking help so i looked to a reading from jillian. my first reading was obvious- i needed to change my life but what really intrigued me about it was that within days of the reading, things jillian said started coming true... for example we were discussing career paths and out of the blue jillian said "I keep seeing daycares and kids" This was strange since i had no desire to own or run a daycare but the next day my mom came to me with an idea about starting a daycare that was for the major corporation she worked for. long story short- listen to what jillian tells you, she has a gift and was put on earth to help people"

M.- florida

How I Can i Help You?